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Periodontal Treatment
Gum Grafts



Reasons for Gum Grafting

Receding gums are caused by Periodontal Disease which is an infection. Recession causes exposed roots (longer teeth), tooth loosening, root erosion and tooth loss. Gum grafting can prevent worsening recession and prevent the loss of the teeth.

Tooth Erosion

When the gums recede and the roots of the teeth become exposed the roots of the teeth can erode. Erosion of the teeth is defined as abnormal wear of the roots not caused by infection. Erosion may be caused by reflux, diet (particularly soft drinks) and use of the wrong kind of toothbrush. Erosion can lead to sensitivity to hot and cold and loss of the teeth.

 Conventional Gum Grafts  

Conventional gum grafts involve surgically removing pieces of gum tissue from the roof of the mouth and transplanting them to areas with receding gums. This is a painful procedure that has become unpopular and many patients have come to Dr. Michaelides for an alternative technique.

Minimally Invasive Acellular Dermal Matrix (A.D.M.) Grafts

Acellular Dermal Matrix (A.D.M.) is commonly used by Physicians in plastic surgery. It is primarily Collagen and is medically processed, donated human tissue

A.D.M. can be used in place of donor tissue taken from the roof of the mouth. The procedure is done with minimally invasive microsurgical techniques that are much less painful for the patient than conventional grafting. Dr. Michaelides has done thousands of Acellular Dermal Matrix grafts with exceptional results. 


.  Click here to see photos of A.D.M. cases!